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We embody the philosophy that events are meant to be lifelong memories, and we feel blessed to serve our hometown as a top caterer in Knoxville for weddings, social gatherings, corporate events and more.

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Every Bradford Catered Event is designed to support your event vision, and the planning process is a stress-free experience you’ll truly enjoy.

New from Bradford, Interactive Ice Cream Catering!

We’re excited to introduce the Bradford Microcreamery, a new kind of dessert catering!

We believe your event deserves flawless perfection, and we accomplish that through honest, conscientious and customized service, and devotion to our shared values and beliefs.

As part of our promise to deliver a successful, exquisitely catered event, we believe in—and adhere to—professional, discrete event day service so that the focus remains where it should: on your occasion.

Maximize your enjoyment, event experience and the wonderful reactions from your guests with the comfort and assurance of Bradford Catered Events, one of Knoxville’s top caterers.

Wedding Catering

Brides know they can trust Bradford Catered Events, one of Knoxville’s favorite wedding partners, for more than beautiful wedding catering.  We specialize in taking complete care of the couple, helping to support their wishes and visions and making the planning process enjoyable and stress-free along the way.  It is our hope that future Knoxville brides and grooms will continue to trust our 30 years of wedding catering experience to make their special day complete.

Social Events

Our goals are simple:  to plan, prepare and execute a successful event for every one of our clients.  Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas are full of social events in need of expert caterers, and we have proudly exceeded those needs for over 25 years.  We operate under strong traditions and beliefs, many of which revolve around a high level of service and exceptional quality standards for both ourselves and for our clients.  You will be hard-pressed to find better tasting food and higher levels of service in Knoxville!  We prefer to customize our catering to your events, giving you the perfect tools and support you need to host a successful social event each and every time.

Fundraiser & Gala Catering

Impress your guests and achieve your goals with a catering partner that will fully support your wants and needs.  Bradford Catered Events aims to limit complications while simultaneously providing exciting, customized catering for your fundraiser in the Knoxville area.  We will work with you on a personalized menu, giving your fundraiser or gala a completely unique experience.  We also adhere to the belief that it’s your event and not a time for us to advertise our services, so we operate under complete discretion while producing and completing your onsite catering and supporting services.

Wedding Reception Catering

Wedding receptions are a beautiful way to celebrate your nuptials.  Bradford Catered Events is proud to offer Knoxville brides and grooms customized catering menus designed particularly for them, created after we take the time to discover what they like best.  Now you can have an enjoyable experience planning your wedding, feeding your guests for a reasonable price and having absolutely no issues or embarrassment with food or service.  Bradford Catered Events provides high quality food and service and always treats Knoxville brides to the best of the best.

Corporate Event Catering

When planning events, corporate clients often have unique obstacles that require special solutions and perfect execution in order for the event to turn out successful.  We are experienced and eager to help tackle all challenges, whether they are logistical, related to time constraints, entail multiple serving areas or something else.  We appreciate our corporate client business and enjoy establishing relationships that span multiple reasons for catering, such as meetings and conference catering, holiday party catering, annual party catering and more.

Special Event Catering

Special events range from anniversaries and award ceremonies to cocktail receptions and holiday events hosted by businesses, universities, non-profit groups, organizations and more.  Bradford Catered Events enjoys working with clients and vendors to put together a wonderful and special event for our clients and their guests.  We understand that the food is a large portion of the success of any event and are thankful for the opportunity to help make that important aspect a beautiful experience.

Holiday Catering Knoxville

Bradford Catered Events specializes in many different types of holiday catering in Knoxville and the surrounding area.  From casual holiday parties to formal Christmas galas, we help plan menus and execute catering for Knoxville holiday parties for companies, families, organizations, businesses and social groups.  Holiday cocktail parties, holiday buffets, plated holiday dinners and even more catering options are available for your Christmas and other holiday event needs.

Outdoor Catering

Bradford Catered Events excels in outdoor catering in the Knoxville area.  We will work with you to design the best menu for your occasion, whether it’s in celebration of a birthday, wedding, anniversary, annual company party, benefit, fundraiser or something else.  You will receive the finest service and highest quality menus based on your own tastes and wishes, culminating in a successful outdoor celebration, party or event.

Church Group Catering

We enjoy helping churches and religious organizations turn their events into truly successful celebrations, fundraisers and ceremonies.  Our church group capabilities range as widely as our clients’ reasons for catering, including indoor and outdoor catering, traditional menu ideas and unique, customized menu items.  Bradford Catered Events works with the church contact to understand each event’s goals and purpose, tailoring the experience to our clients’ wishes.