Wedding Catering Knoxville

Each couple has unique wedding dreams and ideas.  Our goal is to make those dreams come to life.

Wedding and wedding reception catering in Knoxville is special.  Bradford Catered Events has worked with hundreds of Knoxville brides, grooms and families to create the perfect culinary experience complementing their wedding visions.

We understand that wedding catering is often not one of the first things a newly engaged couple looks to contract; it’s often the church, the reception venue and the dress that fall first in the line of wedding plan obligations.  The food served at your wedding, though not the focus, will still be an important component, and we are excited to help you plan it.

All truly great weddings and receptions happen when guests can experience the full picture, meaning each piece of the planning comes together in the most comprehensive way, and this is true for weddings large and small.

We are here to do our part to make sure your wedding is an experience that guests won’t soon forget.

Bradford Catered Events believes in expert menus and flawless service, both customized exactly to fit your needs.  We believe that the focus of your wedding day should be you, not the vendors.  We will do whatever we possibly can to keep that focus where you want it be, even if that means going above our responsibilities as a caterer.

Congratulations on your engagement and the new journey on which you are about to embark.

Let’s start planning the perfect wedding menu for you!

A new take on wedding desserts!

We’re excited to introduce, the Bradford Microcreamery, a new kind of dessert catering experience! Let your guests enjoy a unique, fun, interactive and completely original dessert.

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